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We have a team of certified special education teachers and behavioral analysts to ensure that your child receives a quality education. All of our teachers hold Masters and Doctors Degree. In addition, they have earned their Autism Endorsements. Our teachers and therapists have many years of experience serving children with special needs. Our team is trained in ABA therapy. Our school employs the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis and other evidenced based teaching practices. Our school environment is designed to be fun-loving while at the same time promoting learning. We focus on teaching academic skills but also incorporate self-help and social skills into our curriculum. The idea is to provide a complete educational program that supports a student in all areas that he/she may find difficult.

Individualized Learning

At Destiny Academy, we design an individual program based on the specialized needs of your child. Our student-teacher ratio is small allowing students receive individualized attention. Every support is given to the student to ensure that he/she attains his goals. We obtain, and monitor, data on a regular basis. Once a child reaches his/her goal they can move onward to learn new skills. Lesson-plans are uniquely designed to match the studentís individualized learning plan. We design our plans to be as clear as possible. At times skills may need to be broken down into smaller increments. Also, some goals may also be better implemented in a one-to-one teaching method while others may be better served in a group setting.

Parental Involvement

We must acknowledge that we are limited without parental involvement. We depend on our parents to work with us. Our parents help us to design the goals for our students. Parents are also given regular reports on the childís progress. It is important for parents to understand and learn the techniques that we employ in the classroom. Many parents have found that the same techniques used in our classrooms are also useful at home. Therefore, we provide several free trainings each year for our parents.


Destiny Academy aims to provide an optimal learning environment for each student. We do not focus on our students limitations. We focus on their potential. We employ interventions that assist us in reaching our goals. In addition, we evaluate each intervention based on how it relates to the student reaching his/her goals.  We provide powerful reinforcements that make it possible for our children to become motivated learners.


Our rooms are creatively designed to enhance learning. We use a variety of visual supports in the classroom. We also have computers for our students to utilize for writing, reading, researching and fun. We provide many hands-on learning activities within the classroom for our students. Understanding the importance of physical safety, we make sure that the materials in our classrooms are nontoxic and that the equipment are safe.


We accept students with individualized educational plans. Our students include children with Autism, ASD, ADHD, ADD, Apraxia, Aphasia, Dyslexia, Fragile X, Learning Disability, Cognitive Disability, and Emotional Disabilities. Some of our students do not have a diagnosis but attend our school because they need a supportive learning environment.



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