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 Destiny Academy (DA) was established with the aim of providing quality education to students. DA focuses on a variety of academic, as well as, as extra-curricular activities. Our school has a strong focus on academic functioning and promotes an atmosphere of learning and responsibility for every student. 

Our History

In 2009, the founder, a futurist saw the vision gathered some leaders and Destiny Academy was incorporated. Its leaders were unsatisfied with the traditional way in which many school systems were educating the future leaders of our country. Since its incorporation the smallest and darkest eyes were made bigger and brighter. In the past we have taught students, who were considered truancy, behavioral problematic, and disabled. In spite of such labeling we strive to assist them in achieving their highest potential.

In our eyes each child is different and therefore requires individualized education. This is where our holistic approach comes into play. Our special curriculum and unique classes allows us to provide a strong enrichment for our students as well as their families.  By taking a look at the child’s whole environment we can come up with a better picture of their needs. Family participation is a priority at our school.

Our Curriculum

In addition to the core syllabus, Destiny Academy  has made significant additions to the general curriculum in terms of compulsory extra-curricular training and events. Our students attend mandatory visits to the library and educational trips to various places of academic interest such as museums, agencies, businesses, factories, zoos and farms,  etc.

Our Faculty

At Destiny Academy we pride ourselves on its world-class teachers. All of our teachers are qualified in the subjects they teach. We have high standards in regard to who we hire to teach our students, making it possible for our students to experience the highest quality of education and scholarship. All of our lead staff have MA and Doctoral Degrees. In addition to being highly qualified, our team is highly motivated and optimistic.


Our rooms are creatively designed to enhance learning. We use a variety of visual supports in the classroom. We also have computers for our students to utilize for writing, reading, researching and fun. We provide many hands-on learning activities within the classroom for our students. Understanding the importance of physical safety, we make sure that the materials in our classrooms are nontoxic and that the equipment are safe.

Safety Setup
When it comes to our children we understand that it is important to keep them safe. Our students are as important to us as they are to you. We understand the need to keep a steady look-out for their well being, and have in place a setup that ensures that any unforeseen event can be handled efficiently.

We also have a Board Certified Behavior Analyst based at the school in the mornings and afternoons to assist with problems that students might encounter during school hours. In the event that there is a major accident we will speed your child to the nearest hospital for emergency care and you, the parents, will be informed as soon as possible.

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